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Aspergillus flavus and Fusarium verticillioides Interaction: Modeling the Impact on Mycotoxin Production

The influence of climate change on agricultural systems has been generally accepted as having a considerable impact on food security and safety. It is believed that the occurrence of mycotoxins will be greatly affected by future climate scenarios and this has been confirmed by recent data. Temperature (T) and CO2 increases, variation in rain intensity and distribution, as well as extreme weather events, affect the dominant fungal species in different ways, depending on their ecological needs. Therefore, the aim of this work was to study Aspergillus flavus (Af) and Fusarium verticillioides (Fv) co-occurrence in vitro in order to collect quantitative data on the effect of fungal interaction on growth and mycotoxin production and develop functions for their description.

Authors: Marco Camardo Leggieri, Paola Giorni, Amedeo Pietri, Paola Battilani
Keywords:  mycotoxin, temperature, co-occurrence, aflatoxin, fumonisin
Published: 12/11/2019

This work has received funding form the  the EU’s H2020 research and innovation programme under GA No 678781- MycoKey. CC BY 4.0 license