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TaqMan qPCR for Quantification of Clonostachys rosea Used as a Biological Control Agent Against Fusarium graminearum

In the current study, we developed a quantitative real-time PCR detection method that amends the currently available culture-dependent techniques by using TaqMan chemistry with a highly specific primer and probe set, targeting the actin gene. We established a sensitive assay that detects the biological control agent down to 100 genome copies per reaction, with PCR efficiencies between 90 and 100%. The specificity of the assay was confirmed against a panel of 30 fungal and 3 bacterial species including 12 members of the Fusarium head blight complex and DNA of barley, maize and wheat.

Authors: Alejandro Gimeno1, Elina Sohlberg, Tiina Pakula, Jenni Limnell, Beat Keller, Arja Laitila, Susanne Vogelgsang
KeywordsTaqManq; PCR; Clonostachys rosea; Fusarium graminearum
Published: 16/07/2019

This work has received funding form the  the EU’s H2020 research and innovation programme under GA No 678781- MycoKey. CC BY 4.0 license