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Potential application of lactic acid bacteria to reduce aflatoxin B1 and fumonisin B1 occurrence on corn kernels and corn ears

The qualitative antifungal effect of cell-free supernatant (CFS) obtained by L. plantarum spp. fermentation was determined by halo inhibition test on the solid medium of potato dextrose agar (PDA). The analyses of results demonstrated that all evaluated strains of L. plantarum fermented MRS, and their CFS possessed antifungal effect (Table 1). Regarding the L. plantarum CECT 749, its CFS showed the highest halo inhibition zone against the strain of F. graminearum ITEM 126, F. cerealis CECT 20489, F. verticillioides CECT 2152, F. verticillioides CECT 2982, and A. flavus ITEM 8111 in comparison to others. Moreover, the strains of F. verticillioides showed higher sensitivity towards L. plantarum CECT 749 CFS related to other fungi.

Authors: Tiago de Melo Nazareth, Carlos Luz, Raquel Torrijos, Juan Manuel Quiles, Fernando Bittencourt Luciano, Jordi Mañes, Giuseppe Meca
KeywordsLactobacillus plantarum, aflatoxin B1, fumonisin B1, biopreservation
Published: 31/12/2019

This work has received funding form the  the EU’s H2020 research and innovation programme under GA No 678781- MycoKey. CC BY 4.0 license