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Genomic characterization of Trichoderma atrobrunneum (T. harzianum species complex) ITEM 908: insight into the genetic endowment of a multi-target biocontrol strain

The MLST analysis of ITS-TEF1 concatenated datasets reclassified ITEM 908 as T. atrobrunneum, a species recently described within the T. harzianum species complex and phylogenetically close to T. afroharzianum and T. guizhouense. Genomic analysis revealed the presence of a broad range of genes encoding for carbohydrate active enzymes (CAZYmes), proteins involved in secondary metabolites production, peptaboils, epidithiodioxopiperazines and siderophores potentially involved in parasitism, saprophytic degradation as well as in biocontrol and antagonistic activities. This abundance is comparable to other Trichoderma spp. in the T. harzianum species complex, but broader than in other biocontrol species and in the species T. reesei, known for its industrial application in cellulase production. Comparative analysis also demonstrated similar genomic organization of major secondary metabolites clusters, as in other Trichoderma species.

Authors: Francesca Fanelli; Vania Cosma Liuzzi; Antonio Francesco Logrieco; Claudio Altomare
Keywords: Antagonism; Biocontrol; CAZYmes; Comparative genomics; Mycoparasitism; Peptaibols; Secondary metabolites; Trichoderma
Published: 11/9/2018

This work has received funding form the  the EU’s H2020 research and innovation programme under GA No 678781- MycoKey. 
CC-BY license