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Genome-wide analysis of family-1 UDP glycosyltransferases (UGT) and identification of UGT genes for FHB resistance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

In this study, we carried out a genome-wide analysis of family-1 UDP glycosyltransferases in wheat based on the PSPG conserved box that resulted in the identification of 179 putative UGT genes. The identified genes were clustered into 16 major phylogenetic groups with a lack of phylogenetic group K. The UGTgenes were invariably distributed among all the chromosomes of the 3 genomes. At least 10 intron insertion events were found in the UGT sequences, where intron 4 was observed as the most conserved intron. The expression analysis of the wheat UGT genes using both online microarray data and quantitative real-time PCR verification suggested the distinct role of UGT genes in different tissues and developmental stages. The expression of many UGT genes was up-regulated after Fusarium graminearum inoculation, and six of the genes were further verified by RT-qPCR.

Authors: Yi He, Dawood Ahmad, Xu Zhang, Yu Zhang, Lei Wu, Peng Jiang and Hongxiang Ma
Keywords: Deoxynivalenol; Expression pattern; Fusarium head blight; Phylogeny; UDP-glycosyltransferase; Wheat
Published: 19/04/2018

This work was partially supported by the National Key Project for the Research and Development of China (2016YFE0112900, 2016YFD0100500), China Agricultural Research System Program (CARS-03), National Natural Science Foundation of China (31561143004), Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu province, China (BK20170605) and European Union Horizon 2020 Mycokey project (EU678781).
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