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Isolation, Molecular Identification, and Mycotoxin Production of Aspergillus Species Isolated from the Rhizosphere of Sugarcane in the South of Iran

The current study aimed to identify Aspergillus species occurring in the rhizosphere of sugarcane in the South of Iran, and to investigate their mycotoxin profiles. One-hundred and twenty-five Aspergillus strains were isolated from the soil of eight major sugarcane-producing sites, and were molecularly identified using sequences of partial β-tubulin (benA) and partial calmodulin (CaM) genes. Our molecular and phylogenetic results showed that around 70% of strains belonged to the Aspergillus section Nigri, and around 25% of species belonged to the Aspergillus section Terrei. Species belonging to both sections are able to produce different mycotoxins.

Authors: Maryam Tavakol Noorabadi, Valiollah Babaeizad, Rasoul Zare, Bita Asgari, Miriam Haidukowski, Filomena Epifani, Gaetano Stea, Antonio Moretti,, Antonio Francesco Logrieco, and Antonia Susca
Keywords:  Beta-tubulin, calmodulin, fumonisins, ochratoxin A, patulin, mycotoxin, sugarcane, Aspergillus
Published: 14/02/2020

This work has received funding form the  the EU’s H2020 research and innovation programme under GA No 678781- MycoKey. CC BY 4.0 license