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First steps towards mitochondrial pan-genomics: detailed analysis of Fusarium graminearum mitogenomes

There is a gradual shift from representing a species’ genome by a single reference genome sequence to a pan-genome representation. Pan-genomes are the abstract representations of the genomes of all the strains that are present in the population or species. In this study, we employed a pan-genomic approach to analyze the intraspecific mitochondrial genome diversity of Fusarium graminearum. We present an improved reference mitochondrial genome for F. graminearum with an intron-exon annotation that was verified using RNA-seq data. Each of the 24 studied isolates had a distinct mitochondrial sequence. Length variation in the F. graminearum mitogenome was found to be largely due to variation of intron regions (99.98%).

Authors: Brankovics, B, Kulik, T, Sawicki, J, Bilska, K, Zhang, H, de Hoog, GS, van der Lee, TAJ, Waalwijk, C, van Diepeningen
Keywords: Comparative genomics; Mitogenome; Mitogenomics; Pan-genome; Pool sequencing
Published: 19/12/2018

This work has received funding form the  the EU’s H2020 research and innovation programme under GA No 678781- MycoKey. 
CC-BY license