WP Leader: CNR, Subleader : IPP CAAS



Project Management aims to ensure the project governance and efficient communication at internal and external level to reach the following objectives:

  1. ensuring strategic governance and implementation of the project;
  2. achieving project’s objectives, by managing project activities and monitoring risks;
  3. consolidating an effective and efficient partnership to enhance the EU-China dialogue
  4. managing innovation process.


  • Task 9.1 Project management (CNR, IPP CAAS)
  • Task 9.2 Administrative and Financial management (CNR, UGENT, DLO, UCSC, WBF, VTT, IPP CAAS)
  • Task 9.3 EU-China partnership management (IPP CAAS, CNR)
  • Task 9.4 Innovation management (CNR, UGENT, FA)
WP Leader

Dr. Nunzia Cito (f)

Economist, degree in Economics and Master degree in Business Management. Expert in project planning, coordination and management, policies analysis of agrifood sector, networking and communication. Project manager of FP7 large collaborative project MycoRed, coordinated by ISPA-CNR and internal coordinator of AGRIBIT and INNOFOOD projects.