WP Leader: DLO, Subleader CNR



To raise awareness, to alert and motivate and assist different stakeholders in the maize, wheat and barley agro-food chain to mitigate the mycotoxin risks along the chain. We will create an app that will generate a direct and effective dialogue between researchers and growers c. q. other stakeholders allowing them to receive timely, personalized, location- and crop specific information to support their decision making. Vice versa, we aim to enable stakeholders to add data, to correct predicted information or to provide information on the agronomic measures as well as to collect their feedback on the recommendations and predictions.
Specific objectives are:

  1. Determine what type of information should be available or is required for the different end- users to assist them in the mitigation of the mycotoxin risks along the chain (Task 7.1).
  2. Check the suitability of the format of existing programs databases and contents and adapt them for the MycoKey App (Task 7.2).
  3. Generation and delivery of the MycoKey App with a suitable interface (7.3, 7.4 and 7.5).
  4. Integrate existing and innovative procedures as economic viable suggestions for postharvest strategies (7.6).
  5. Establish a post project MycoKey App maintenance plan (7.7).


  • Task 7.1 Establish and prioritize user requirements (DLO, UGENT, WBF, IITA, CNR, STREAMOZONE)
  • Task 7.2 Inventory of components (programmes, functionality and contents to be adapted for use on the platform) (DLO, UGENT, UCSC, WBF, IITA, STREAMOZONE), with contribution of AAFC, third party free of charge.
  • Task 7.3 Interface design (DLO)
  • Task 7.4 Programming a Beta version of the MycoKey App (DLO)
  • Task 7.5 Delivery of MycoKey App V. 1.0.(DLO, CNR, UGENT, WBF, VTT, IITA, STREAMOZONE)
  • Task 7.6 Post project Myco-Key maintenance plan (DLO)
WP Leader

Dr Theo van der Lee (m)

(h-index 28; > 15611 citations) has a long tract record on functional genetics of fungi and oomycetes, with a specific interest in genomics and population analysis. He supervised many PhD students and visiting postdoctoral scientists from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin-America.