WP Leader: WBF, Subleader IPP-CAAS



Develop cropping systems to prevent and reduce the occurrence of toxigenic fungal species and mycotoxins in maize and small-grain cereals.
Specific objectives are:

  1. Establishment of AFLA EUROPE, AFLA CHINA and AFLA AFRICA preventive systems: select native Aspergillus flavus atoxigenic strains from Europe and China to identify the best candidate biocontrol agents in each country, and to evaluate in Ghana a candidate biocontrol agent containing a mixture of selected strains (Task 4.1);
  2. Development of FUSA_prev: determine in different cropping systems (integrated, conventional and organic) a combination of agronomic practices, e.g. crop rotation, choice of variety, tillage, undersown/cover crops, to reduce Fusarium spp. inoculum and mycotoxins in barley and wheat (Task 4.2);
  3. Advancement of FUSA_bio: select and formulate (an) efficacious fungal and bacterial antagonistic strain(s) to apply onto the preceding crop (endophytic growth and/or crop residues) before maize and wheat to reduce Fusarium inoculum (Task 4.3);
  4. Development of FUSA_res: breed maize for resistance to Fusarium ear rot (FER) and wheat for resistance to Fusarium head blight (FHB) (Task 4.4).


  • Task 4.1 Biocontrol of Aspergillus flavus to prevent aflatoxin production (UCSC, ZJU, IITA, CNR, IBA, FA, CAAS).
  • Task 4.2 Reduction of Fusarium inoculum and mycotoxins in barley, wheat and maize through agronomic measures (WBF, UGENT, IBA, FA, IPP-CAAS, HAAS, LAAS).
  • Task 4.3 Biological control of F. graminearum with fungal and bacterial antagonists on preceding crop residues (Fusa_bio) (WBF, UGENT, CNR, IBA, FA, HAAS, ZJU)
  • Task 4.4 Breeding for resistance (Fusa_res) (UCSC, CNR, LAAS, IBA, SYNGENTA IT, IPP CAAS, ZJU)
WP Leader

Dr Susanne Vogelgsang (f)

Head of Agroscope research group ”Ecology of Noxious and Beneficial Organisms”ENBO.Over 15 years experience in the effect of cropping factors on plant diseases and accumulation of mycotoxins; in biological control of plant diseases and weeds; and the development of sustainable agricultural cropping systems.
Role: WP4 leader, Agro team leader, preventionand biological control of Fusarium spp. in cereals