Project presentations

Communication and dissemination play a central role in the delivery of the MycoKey smart solutions for food safety and acts as a vehicle for introducing innovation and supporting Europe’s long-term policies for sustainable growth and competitiveness in food sector. MycoKey dissemination actions will demonstrate also to non -specialised audiences the project’s added value in food safety and job creation as well as seek views from the public on the future of the European Union intrinsically support Horizon 2020’s core added values.
MycoKey Consortium members are very active in promoting projects’activities and sharing results with international scientific community, to spread knowledge around the world and create opportunities for cooperation.
In this page you can find the relevant presentations at events, workshops, participation at conferences, including interviews

Occurrence of the Principal Mycotoxins in Food and Feed in Serbia from 2004 to 2017

Poster presentation at IAFP Tampa (USA) July, 9-12 2017.

Andreja Rajkovic1, Bozidar Udovicki, Nikola Tomic.