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Control of Fusarium graminearum in wheat with mustard-based botanicals: From in vitro to in planta

The main objective of this study was to test the efficacy of mustard-based botanicals to reduce F. graminearum infection and mycotoxin accumulation in wheat. As a first step, the effects of botanicals at different concentrations were tested using a mycelium growth in vitro bioassay. Secondly, the efficacy of the botanicals was investigated under controlled conditions in the growth chamber using wheat plants that were artificially inoculated, with either conidia or ascospores. Subsequently, the efficacy of the botanicals was tested under field conditions in a wheat crop using a semi-artificial inoculation method with F. graminearum. Finally, the GSLs, ITCs, and phenolic acids present in the botanical powders were identified and quantified.

Authors: Dimitrios Drakopoulos, Giuseppe Meca, Raquel Torrijos, Anja Marty, Andreas Kägi, Eveline Jenny, Hans-Rudolf Forrer, Johan Six and Susanne Vogelgsang
Keywords: Fusarium head blight, antifungal botanical, isothiocyanate, phenolic acid, mycotoxin, conidia, ascospores, wheat
Published: 21/07/2020

CC-BY license