Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University is a comprehensive research university with distinctive features and a national as well as international impact. Institute of Biotechnology of College of Agriculture and Biotechnology was set up at 1988, which includes two disciplines, plant pathology and biochemistry. The history of plant pathology can be traced back to 1936’s, which was one of the earliest departments founded in the discipline of plant protection in China. Many famous Chinese scientists were once faculty or alumni/alumnae here, and established several sub-disciplines including fungal biology, phytovirology, plant disease management. At present the Institute of Biotechnology hosts the national key discipline of “Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control” and the key discipline and key open laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture of “Plant pathology”.
The institute currently has 33 faculty and staff, 16 of which are full professors, 14 are associate professors. Among of them, three have won national honors, one is a professor specially appointed by Cheung Kong Scholar Programme, and four have won support from various state talent-support foundations. According to the report of the Qualification Assessment of Graduate Program released by China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center recently, Plant Protection ranked second, among graduate programs of this discipline in China. 

Project Team:
Yun Chen, Zhonghua Ma, Yanni Yin

Dr. Yun Chen
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