Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto

The National University of Rio Cuarto (UNRC) is a public law entity within the national system of higher education whose aims are to provide instruction, carry out research, and technical qualification,, to produce goods, provide social services, and promote national culture within a framework of ethic and esthetic values. The University is located in the center of the country, an area with a vast influence of agriculture and cattle breeding activities The University is linked to governmental and private institutions, enterprises and social entities from the Rio Cuarto City and the Nation by means of 300 cooperation and mutual agreements. It is s organized into Faculties which are responsible for the organization, administration and realization of educational activities for 20.000 undergraduate students.There are 5 Faculties: Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine, Economics, Natural and Exact Sciences, Physics and Chemistry, Humanities and Engineering. All of them are set on the University Campus. There are also special postgraduate studies at level of Master and Doctorate degrees organized by the different Faculties and the Postgraduate School, with 1000 graduates students. Prof. Dr. Chulze is Full Professor at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, at the Faculty of Natural and Exact Sciences, Physics and Chemistry, UNRC Member of research Career of the National Research Council from Argentina (CONICET).

Project Team:
Sofia Chulze, Juan Palazzini, Maria Laura Ramirez, Adriana Torres, Sofia Palacios, María Laura Chiotta

Dr. Sofia Chulze
Rutas 8 and 36 Km 601 (5800) Río Cuarto –Córdoba, Argentina
ph. +234 0700800; +1 201 6336094 Ext. 2844