The MycoKey Coordinator is CNR, represented by Dr. Antonio F. Logrieco, Director of ISPA CNR – Institute of Sciences of Food Production of National Research Council of Italy.

Antonio F. Logrieco has been coordinator/beneficiary of several national and EU projects dealing on food safety, including several projects on mycotoxins/toxigenic fungi of FP5 (DETOX-FUNGI, WINE-OCHRA-RISK, RAMFIC, RAFBCA), FP6 (SSA-MYCO-GLOBE, GOODFOOD) and FP7 (MYCO-RED “Novel integrated strategies for worldwide mycotoxin reduction in food and feed chain” as coordinator). Chairman of EU COST action (835) and ISPP “Fusarium Committee” and acting President of International Society for Mycotoxicology ( and Mediterranean Phytopathological Union. He has also a large experience in information and education activities (international conference, workshops, training courses etc.) and maintains an extensive international fungal culture collection (ITEM). His group has published over 300 refereed papers in this research area and he also co-editor of various key books.

The MycoKey Coordinator represents the Consortium towards the EC and the outside world. He’s the promoter and supervisor of the overall technical and scientific progress of the project.