Belgrade University

University of Belgrade covers all aspects of agricultural production and food technology: crop science, fruit science, viticulture, animal sciences and food technology. At the same time the very strong Within the Department of Food Safety and Food Quality Management research lines were set to cover important factors in reducing the burden of food-borne disease, including studies of mycotoxins, bactetrial toxins and their respective microorganisms. Much effort has been given to the work on improved ability to primarily detect and investigate food safety hazards, and then to develop effective and for the quality acceptable control measures within the integrated food safety management. Cost benefit studies of different intervention and prevention measures are done in collaboration with Department of Agroeconomics.

Project Team:
Nikola Tomic, Vlade Zaric, Andreja Rajkovic, Ilija Djekic, Bozidar Udovicki, Nada Smigic, Marijana Jovanovic

Dr Nikola Tomic
Nemanjina 6 -11080 Zemun, Serbia
ph. +381 11 4413233 mob. +381 64 1298623
email: tsnikola@agrif.bg.ac.rs
Website: http://www.bg.ac.rs/en/