On the basis of its multi-actor approach MycoKey will increase mycotoxin awareness and increase opportunities for the competitiveness of the food and feed sector, specifically addressing the following user communities:

  • consumers: increase food safety for humans and feed safety for animals, i.e. minimize health risks from mycotoxin contaminated food and feed;
  • farmers and breeders: provide tools and demonstrate advantages of pre- and post-harvest solutions to reduce and control mycotoxin risk in the food/feed chains; to obtain agro-industrial products with major added value to improve their competitiveness capacity;
  • food/feed industries: use research results, create opportunities for further innovation goals and improvement of their innovation capacity; encourage the development of novel preventive and curative (bio)control measures; to reduce mycotoxin contamination by improved handling procedures during storage and processing and new detection kits;
  • policy makers and legislators: provide improved information and know-how for evaluating real and potential mycotoxin risks, including possible outcomes of climate change and increased international trade; provide tools to assess the risk of contaminated commodities;
  • scientific community: integrate and provide advanced knowledge (e.g. fungal and plant genomics and transcriptomics, metabolomics) on the mycotoxin producing fungi and their hosts by improving global communication, international networking and dissemination of innovative research results with the open access publications and the support of scientific societies.

The project will contribute effectively to introduce innovations able to create a new model to handle the mycotoxin management, by integrating technologies and driving users to apply the MycoKey solutions in a smart and simple way (app). This contribution will be relevant as it will be obtained by merging different and several inputs coming from scientific, industrial perspectives, including European and global markets and research, by involving Supporting Partners and International experts.

The project will have impact on social innovation, by opening the way to new solutions to be applied at large scale by food and feed safety communities. New skills will be developed and job opportunities created.
The project outcomes will be reinforced by a favourable European scenario of the next ten years: food and feed safety and innovation represent pillars of European policy and they will be included in the upcoming funding programmes (i.e. Kic Food launched in 2016), also at national and regional levels (i.e. National Framework Programmes). The MycoKey partners will capitalize the results during and after the end of the project, through national projects, and will apply the developed solutions at local level, by joint projects with companies, thus contributing to European Regulations, national policies and consumers awareness on food safety (by providing smart technologies application).