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Eurotox 2017
Bratislava – 10- 13 September, 2017

Link to site: Eurotox 2017

On behalf of the Slovak Toxicology Society and the … Read More

Understanding the Exposure and Global Health Risks Associated with Naturally Occurring Environmental Biotoxins in a Rapidly Changing World
Stonehill College – … Read More

Evolving Ecology: Toxigenic Species’ Response to Climate Change
Stonehill College – Easton, MA – June 17-18, 2017
Link to site: Evolving … Read More

International Symposium of Mycotoxicology 2016 – Tokyo
30 november – 2 december 2016

Link to site: International Symposium of … Read More

The European Commission decided to fund two projects to tackle relevant food safety challenges in Horizon 2020 programme under the … Read More

The first MycoKey international Conference will be held in Ghent, Belgium from 11 to 14 September 2017.

Food safety experts … Read More